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Wow now that is a Kebab…

If you do not know Turkish Food you are missing out!



One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

Food and Life

Panico’s restaurant deal of the day: 25% off on the entire check.

“Food was basic Italian. We had a deal for $39, two salads, two entrees, two desserts.The Caesar was better than the balsamic (since I didn’t taste balsamic at all). We both had tilapia and although I didn’t love the fact it was fried or breaded, the sauce (mustard aioli) was amazing! I asked for more and dipped my breads in there, put some on the spinach and more on the fish. It was delicious!! Finally the desserts- we both had cannoli and cappuccino- and we loved both!” 

(Customer review)


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What do you think what’s the most restaurant-crazy city in the country?

What do you think what’s the most restaurant-crazy city in the country?

Maybe… San Francisco? New York? New Orleans? All are great cities for dining, with some of the most acclaimed and beloved restaurants in the world, but none of them even merit a medal in the restaurant city Olympics judged by a new measure of dining density, published here for the first time.

Bibi’z Restaurant

If you are looking to make healthier choices this year Bibi’z restaurant is a perfect choice. Bibi’z serves up exciting dishes and in a unique ambiance. Every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients from local New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania organic farms for produce, poultry and dairy. Enjoy eating at Bibi’z in addition to 25% off on your entire check through

How French Revolution Saved Future of the Restaurants

“All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.”

Albert Camus (French Algerian philosopher, journalist, 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature)

This year New York City was commemorating the French Restaurant Week September 17-30. I was delighted to check out A.O.C. L’aile ou la Cuisse one of the French restaurants with my girlfriends this last weekend. We ordered Moules Marinieres, Moules au Safran and Les Legumes Grilles. The tastes and the atmosphere took us to a different place and for a little while, New York City transformed into France. These moments made an invigorating difference for us.

Most of us are not aware how the idea of a restaurant came to exist and how it is tied into the major French historical event such as the French Revolution. To most of us going to a restaurant symbolizes belonging either to a family or a group which rejoices the spirit. One thing we can assume is no matter which part of the history we look into, this joy could not be made quite exclusive.

Many of us do not know that an attempt to take this finest thing in life, to enjoy food and restaurant has failed to a point which changed the history of France and rest of the world. What Albert Camus was referring to in his quote may have a myriad of meanings. However, last thing we would think about is the transformative historical role food played.

Around 1760 merchant class in France developed a taste for healthy light broths, which they called restoratives and which will transform in what we know today as a restaurant. However, at that time, few decades of heavy taxation by monarchs and aristocrats to support their luxurious lifestyle took a toll on people and ushered the masses to what we know as French Revolution.

After the affluent fled to the countryside and abandoned their loaded kitchens, their skilled chefs and fine wines almost 50 graceful restaurants opened in Paris. Soon these became connoisseur temples which catered the latest class of French delegates and businessmen and were ascribed in travelogues throughout Europe. As a new “delicious” word and definition of French restaurants spread, Parisian restaurants turned into tourist attractions on par with Notre Dame which last until our day.

Perhaps next time we cheer at the restaurant, we should remember to salute to the French as well;

À votre santé!

FoodieBytes Blogger

Revenge May be Sweet – Not sweeter than cupcakes


If the way to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach and you are planning on making a romantic meal at home, you can top dinner, or perhaps enjoy an afternoon delight by heading to Sweet Revenge for a little treat this Valentine’s Day.

NYC’s Sweet Revenge has a perfect plate full of sweet little somethings to share with your true love.  The petite dessert plate includes miniature versions of the Casablanca cupcake, a pistachio cardamom cake topped with a luscious rosewater buttercream, and a mini Ma Cherie cupcake, black velvet cake concealing a cherry jam center and enveloped in a bordeaux cherry chocolate ganache.  Also on the Valentine’s day plate are two white chocolate truffles with raspberry centers and two chocolate covered strawberries. These are paried with a choice of Il Vino Dell Amore, a moscato spumante, or Lunetta Prosecco both from Italy.


Aphrodisiacs: Love & Food in Colorado

What’s not to love about food and love and the fabulous relationship that they have had since the beginning of time and continue to have today.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Dining Room (Photo Courtesy of Don Riddle/Park Hyatt Beaver Creek)

Executive Chef, Christian Apetz of the 8100 Moutainside Bar and Grill at Beaver Creek Park Hyatt has an aphrodisiac inspired menu for the month of February where guests can indulge in local and love inducing bites together.  On the menu are jumbo scallops with vanilla candied blood oranges and fried parsnips, smoked duck breast with greens, tapenade, goat cheese and an almond brittle, elk carpaccio with truffles, arugula, champagne grapefruit and radishes, a roasted beet salad with peppered goat cheese, pistachio pesto and greens, halibut with pimento parmesan risotto, beef fillet with whipped yukon potatoes, roasted broccolini and a garlic tomato jam, chicken with hearbed spaetzle, braised red cabbage and a cherry glaze, and boca negra or buttermilk panna cotta among other things.

If you can’t make it slope side in February you don’t have to worry because on any given day the setting and the menu are pretty cozy and romantic this time of year.

For Valentine’s Day ideas in other cities or cocktails at home try out cocktails in Charlotte, NC, cocktails in Colorado Springs, romance in Chicago, pair wine and chocolate in NYC or head to Rhode Island for some Viking Romance.

Super Bowl XLVI Play by Play: Game Day

Tail gaiting XLVI Style Photos Courtesy of 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee

On game day those at Lucas Oil Stadium will be dining on the classic stadium fare with 59 permanent concession stands and 90 portable concessions.  In addition to hot dogs, pork tenderloins, pot roast sandwiches, gyros, pizza, philly cheese steaks, chicken ceasar salad, barbeque, french fries, onion rings and ice cream, Farm Aid’s Homegrown chili will be served!

If you will be enjoying the closeup shots, the slow motion replays and a restroom you don’t have to share with 63,000 other people then perhaps you’ll want to settle in at one of these best spots to watch the game:  Ale Emporium, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fox and Hound, The Ram, or Champps Americana.

If you’re enjoying the game from your own hometown sports bar, share your fave spots to watch the game below!

May the best team win!